If you're into edgy apparel, then you're looking in the right place to find the right baseball cap for you. To make it into this category, the must-haves include a cap with a verbal message, or ones that speak forcefully through stunning design elements, shape, attitude on your head or dramatic imagery. Caps in this category are the center piece of your repertoire that you can speak even when you choose to remain silent. These are the conversation starters, the trend setters, the bold, the courageous, the controversial and the daring in fashion that are not afraid to announce themselves. These caps say, 'hey, look at me!" You can leave it to the interpreter whether to be shy, but you're not shy, and neither are the caps in this category. This caps stand on their uniqueness, and they let you be you by showing that you're comfortable expressing yourself, without making apologies. These baseball caps found their place in this category; find a place in your collection for the one waiting for you to grab it and make it yours.